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Motorcycle-Taxi Collision Sparks Road Rage Incident

At 7:30 a.m. on July 4, 2024, a serious road incident occurred in Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province, when a taxi collided with a motorcycle and dragged it along the road. The incident, which took place near the entrance to Rama 4 Bridge on Chaeng Watthana Road, resulted in two people being injured. Authorities coordinated with rescue workers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation to transport the injured, including the 60-year-old owner of a white-pink taxi, to Krungthai Hospital. The motorcycle driver sustained minor injuries.

In the latest developments, reporters spoke with a 40-year-old company employee who revealed details of the incident. He recounted that while driving his black Yamaha motorcycle to work at around 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., he encountered the taxi in the far right lane with congested traffic. The taxi swerved into his lane, causing him to react angrily. He admitted to kicking the taxi’s hood out of frustration. The situation escalated when the taxi reversed and collided with his motorcycle on the Rama IV Bridge, causing him injuries.

Despite his injuries, the motorcycle driver continued to follow the taxi, which attempted to reverse into him multiple times. Eventually, he jumped from his motorcycle and clung to the bridge railing as his bike was dragged over a kilometer before the taxi lost control and crashed into the center island.

A good Samaritan followed the scene, and the motorcycle driver was taken to the hospital, suffering from an open wound on his wrist and pain in his ankle and shin. The initial cause of the incident was attributed to the taxi changing lanes without signaling, causing a brake reaction from the motorcycle driver. Both men are currently receiving medical treatment at the same hospital, and the motorcycle driver has stated that he will not accept an apology, citing the taxi driver’s repeated attempts to reverse into him as intentional and life-threatening.

Police conducted an investigation and reviewed CCTV footage. Eyewitnesses confirmed the sequence of events, which involved the taxi changing lanes and nearly colliding with the motorcycle. The resulting road rage led to the extended altercation and eventual collision. The taxi driver, who claimed to have been frightened and trying to escape, is still under medical care and has yet to provide a formal statement. An alcohol test on both men showed no signs of intoxication.

The police are continuing their investigation and have not yet filed charges, pending further interviews and evidence collection. The incident highlights the dangers of road rage and the need for responsible driving behavior.

The identities of the involved parties, Police Lieutenant Colonel Thapanaphong Phuengmee, the 60-year-old taxi driver, and the 40-year-old motorcycle driver, have been withheld until the completion of the investigation.

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