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German Man Arrested in Thailand for Visa Overstay and Attempted Murder

A German national of Iraqi descent was arrested in Thailand for overstaying his visa, leading authorities to uncover his criminal past in Germany.

On July 3, Immigration police officials announced the apprehension of the German man for exceeding his visa duration. Subsequent investigations revealed that he had a record of attempted murder in Germany.

The arrest originated from a complaint to the Immigration Bureau’s Crime Suppression Division’s Section 2, which alleged that certain hotels in Sukhumvit Soi 4 were harboring foreigners without notifying immigration authorities. During their probe, officers encountered Mr. Ahmed, born in Muthanna, Iraq, who displayed suspicious behavior. A check of his passport and the Immigration Department’s technical system revealed that his residence permit had expired over six days ago.

Further inquiries at the German embassy in Thailand confirmed that Mr. Ahmed was linked to a criminal organization and had been involved in a violent incident in Hamburg, Germany. He had attempted to murder another individual by shooting him four times, causing severe injuries.

Department 2 of the Immigration Department charged Mr. Ahmed with unauthorized residence in the Kingdom. He will be deported to Germany following the completion of legal proceedings.

The announcement was made with several officials in attendance, underscoring the collaborative efforts in addressing immigration violations and ensuring public safety.

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