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Bangkok Enhances Road Drainage System for Rainy Season

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has announced the completion of a new road drainage system in the Udomsuk area, designed to enhance the city’s ability to manage rainwater efficiently and swiftly.

The announcement follows the official declaration by the Meteorological Department on Tuesday, signaling the onset of the rainy season. Governor Chadchart personally inspected Udomsuk Road, also known as Sukhumvit soi 103, to assess the flood situation following heavy rainfall that persisted for over three hours earlier in the day.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) reported that the drainage system on Udomsuk Road functioned effectively, clearing rainwater within approximately half an hour. Governor Chadchart attributed this success to recent upgrades to the footpaths and drainage infrastructure, including the installation of a new “o-gutter” system. This innovative design facilitates quicker water drainage and is easier to maintain, reducing the risk of blockages.

Expressing satisfaction with the renovation efforts, Governor Chadchart highlighted the overall improvement in drainage system effectiveness. He also mentioned ongoing repairs to the Bueng Nong Bon drainage tunnel, which, once completed, will further enhance drainage capabilities in Udomsuk Road and various areas of Bang Na district.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Tavida Kamolvej disclosed that the BMA has formulated an action plan titled “Nine Plans, 9 Disasters” to address various disaster scenarios, including floods. This plan will be presented to the Interior Ministry’s committee on disaster prevention and mitigation in the coming month.

Furthermore, the BMA is set to showcase its future initiatives and accomplishments over the past two years next Tuesday, marking the second anniversary of Governor Chadchart’s tenure. Among the achievements highlighted by Ms. Tavida are the establishment of 21 new public parks, extensive tree planting initiatives, and successful waste management practices resulting in significant daily waste reduction.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department issued a 10-day weather forecast covering the period from Wednesday to the following Friday. The forecast predicts the influence of a southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand until Saturday, leading to scattered rain and thunderstorms nationwide. Subsequently, rainfall is expected to decrease from Sunday to Tuesday before intensifying again until Friday.

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