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Equal Marriage Bill Progresses in Legislative Review

Senator Wallop Tangkananurak, heading the commission tasked with amending the Civil and Commercial Code, recently provided an update on the Equal Marriage Bill. The deliberations, aimed at modernizing the definition of ‘spouse’ to reflect contemporary societal values of gender equality, are expected to conclude by the end of May.

The commission, under Senator Wallop’s guidance, has made significant strides, having already examined 14 out of the bill’s 68 sections. Anticipating 5-6 more meetings, detailed discussions are slated for early May to ensure thorough scrutiny before presenting the proposal in a special parliamentary session scheduled for early June.

While addressing legislative priorities such as anti-corruption measures and official appointments concurrently, the Senate aims to finalize these matters by May 10th. Feedback on the Equal Marriage Bill has been predominantly affirmative, seen as a crucial step in aligning existing laws with societal advancements and upholding human rights. Remarkably, around 80% of the bill has secured parliamentary approval.

Senator Wallop also touched upon religious considerations, highlighting provisions that accommodate Muslim officials to opt out of conducting or registering same-sex marriages. Expressing confidence in the seamless progression of the legislative review, Senator Wallop ensures thorough consideration of all perspectives involved.

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