Thailand’s Michelin Guide Adds Chon Buri Province

The Michelin Guide broadens its coverage to include Chon Buri, spotlighting the province’s diverse culinary scene alongside renowned destinations like Bangkok and Phuket.

Chon Buri, known for its stunning beaches and rich cultural heritage, emerges as a new addition to the prestigious Michelin Guide, marking a significant milestone for the province and Thailand’s culinary tourism.

The decision to include Chon Buri underscores its distinct offerings, from vibrant nightlife to family-friendly attractions like Khao Khiew Zoo, enticing foodies and travelers alike.

American vlogger Mark Wiens praises Chon Buri’s culinary delights, including the famed Aung Sila market and delectable Khao Lam, while highlighting the province’s accessibility from Bangkok, making it an ideal getaway for all.

With the guide’s publication, tourism officials anticipate a surge in spending on food and an enhanced global recognition of Thai cuisine, aligning with the country’s soft-power strategy to bolster tourism competitiveness and economic growth.


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