Devilish Ribs: A Culinary Ode to American Barbecue Mastery

In the heart of the city’s culinary landscape, Devilish Smokin’ BarBQ Shed has stood the test of time, celebrating 13 years of dishing out flavorful tributes to the art of barbecue. Andrew and Khun Pat, the genial duo behind this smoky haven, have cultivated an atmosphere where hospitality is as prominent as the aroma of their slow-cooked meats.

Theirs is a customer-centric philosophy, a rare gem in an industry often dazzled by trends and fads. At Devilish, the customer’s desires take center stage, shaping the experience from the moment one steps through the door. With not one, but two menus residing under the same roof, the breadth of options is as extensive as the warm welcome awaiting patrons.

On this particular visit, we delved into the offerings of the Devilish American BBQ Ribs and Brisket menu, a testament to the culinary journey that Andrew and Khun Pat have orchestrated.

Devilish American BBQ Ribs: The ribs, dry-marinated for a patient 24 hours, underwent a meticulous smoking process for 3-4 hours, utilizing imported American hickory wood. The resulting full rack (Half Rack available), a symphony of flavors, showcased the duo’s dedication to the craft. The meat, tender enough to effortlessly part from the bone, painted a picture of culinary finesse. The in-house barbecue sauces and dressings, accompanying the ribs, added layers of depth to the experience.

Sides: The meal, designed for two, embraced generosity in portion sizes. Imported New Zealand chips, which are then transformed into their own Aussie “hot chips,” which boast a satisfying thickness and a sprinkle of chicken salt. The coleslaw, a dance of homemade goodness, struck a harmonious balance with a special lime dressing, while the sourness of pickles enhanced the rib experience. Corn on the cob, dressed in Cuban butter infused with Devilish’s spice blends, and Texas toast with garlic butter completed the ensemble.

The Devilish Experience: As the thick slices of Texas toast soaked up the plate, it became evident that Devilish prides itself not only on flavors but also on leaving patrons blissfully full. The meal, a symphony of textures and tastes, embodied the essence of Devilish Smokin’ BarBQ Shed – a culinary sanctuary where passion, hospitality, and customer satisfaction converge.

In a world where culinary trends may come and go, Devilish Smokin’ BarBQ Shed stands as a testament to timeless flavors and unwavering commitment to the art of barbecue. A meal at Devilish is not just a dining experience; it’s a journey into the heart of American barbecue, guided by the seasoned hands and warm hospitality of Andrew and Khun Pat.

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Hours : 12 – 10pm Everyday except Mondays

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